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(Italiano) Acqua potabile a Bagré, Burkina Faso

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(Italiano) La raccolta del riso a Bagré – Burkina Faso

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(Italiano) Neonatologia per l’ospedale G. Paolo II di Bossemptélé – RCA

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(Italiano) Coltivazione innovativa e sperimentale in Burkina Faso

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Step by step

Father Efisio Locci – President – Tells the Journey to Bossemptèlé – RCA –

To all friends,

I was in Bossemptelé in the second half of December 2017.

It was a very shocking experience because I have fallen in the past at least 100 years. As you know, the hospital is 300 km from the nearest source of electricity.

We have sent everything needed to build a photovoltaic system with solar panels, to meet the needs of the hospital. The three years of civil war delayed the realization of the project as it was not possible to guarantee the safety of the personnel and the integrity of the structure.

The plant was completed before Christmas but the problems due to an overload have postponed the full operation of the photovoltaic panels by a further week.

For a week we had dinner in the dim light of a candle.

In the morning, the glow of the sun gave new life to the landscape.


Father Aris, with whom I went to the Central African Republic, went to see a group of boys playing with a ball made of rags, dreaming of becoming like the famous champions they have heard so much about.

In front of a hut there was a man who looked at them distractedly.

Near the man there was a child who was suffering and doubled over in pain. – I anticipate that now it is good for the duty of news-

Fr Aris asked the man why he was standing there, doing nothing to help the young man, and the answer was: “It’s all the day he’s suffering, now he’s going to die and he’ll stop.”

Fortunately, before sunset, a doctor, promptly alerted, made himself available to take care of the case and hospitalize the boy.

The surprising thing is that death and life alternate like darkness and light. Everything flows without anyone wanting to interfere, everything is part of normalcy, of the cycle of life. For us it is inconceivable not to help those in need. A small gesture can really make the difference. And this is the message we try to convey. Do not stay at the mercy of events but face and try to solve problems one step at a time to improve the world that has been entrusted to us.

The photos represent the children’s Christmas in Bossemptelé and the progress of the works for the construction of the departments.

You can see in the picture that follows, that in a few months have been done great works and is completing the department of Neonatology.


I do not hide a touch of pride in saying it

Unfortunately, the situation of political instability creates many difficulties and does not allow the security of which we strongly feel the need, we are determined to overcome all the adversities and dangers that will arise to complete the project by the end of July.

P. Efisio Locci



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